MSK Ultrasound Course Online

MSK Masters offers and provides on-site training to practices and clinics desiring to provide optimal diagnostics and specifically placed… at the target… Medicine. The value of on-site training as opposed to traveling to a workshop has proven to be more cost-effective as well as productive for the healthcare professional. We have discussed limited value of cadaver workshops in previous blogs.

Oftentimes; when conducting on-site training, for two and three day time periods, we discover the facility has acquired an ultrasound system that does not provide adequate grayscale and/or image detail which is requisite and/or sufficient to diagnose or perform guided procedures.

The dilemma is created because the facility sought out a system entirely based on price.
In doing that, there may have been the saving of some dollars. However, there is no way to quantify or put a price tag on the ensuing fallout of the diminished quality of care to a trusting patient population.

How to alleviate the dilemma:

  1. Extinguish the idea that an ultrasound system capable of producing high resolution, and adequate detail images… On every patient, regardless of habitus… Is going to be “cheap”.
  2. This does not mean the system has to be outrageously costly. There are affordable ultrasound systems available that are more than capable of producing the images needed for diagnosis and guided procedures/injections.
  3. Acquiring and utilizing an ultrasound system that is configured and designed to produce high-resolution musculoskeletal images is worth the money !!
  4. Most importantly… provider confidence and peace of mind does not have a price tag.
  5. Contact MSK Masters to ask about systems to investigate for your practice.
  6. Use the MSK Masters Sonographer network….