MSK Ultrasound Course Online

December 11, 2018

I recently conducted a workshop on ultrasound guided injections that was really a successful workshop! The attendees were presented with standardized ultrasound guided injection mechanics. They were exposed to the “free hand” technique, meaning the person doing the injection was holding the ultrasound probe and the “free hand” advances the needle. “In plane” technique (the needle is advanced in parallel with the ultrasound transducer to see a full length reflection of the needle) and “out of plane” technique (the needle is advanced in short axis across the narrow width of the transducer to visualize only the needle tip) were presented as well. However, what many in the audience quickly realized was that they didn’t know what they were missing! In other words, most of the attendees did not have any prior training in musculoskeletal imaging protocols.

Therefore, receiving instructions in ultrasound guided injection techniques quickly produced the realization that without the ability to produce an ultrasound image where a target interface could be identified/recognized . . . they simply did not know what they were missing! “Missing” . . . the “intent” here is to say that there can not be any specificity or increased accuracy in an injection, even with using ultrasound.

MSK Masters has developed and promoted a simple, straightforward imaging algorithm/process/formula to acquire and understand what is being displayed on a musculoskeletal ultrasound image. This algorithm has proven itself to be useful and successful for approximately 15 years. This is the shortest learning curve to ultimately becoming an expert in musculoskeletal sonography.

A good percentage of the attendees are currently performing regenerative medicine/bio-cellular/”stem cell” procedures with others planning to implement these procedures in the near future.

MSK Masters is very intent on seeking out and training the few individuals from the multitude involved in the regenerative medicine platform with a
desire to maintain the highest standards of bio-cellular care, which simply must include diagnostic ultrasound imaging and ultrasound guided injections.

MSK Masters is selectively associating with practices who are looking to move beyond the “silver bullet” mentality. One single, intra-articular injection is NOT regenerative medicine.

There is no other way to accomplish the pre-eminent goal of delivering a comprehensive, yet targeted treatment to the regenerative medicine patient.

MSK Masters’ trademark expression, “Your injection is no better than your image.” Is not simply a marketing phrase.

It is reality. . .

Randy Moore, DC, RDMS, RMSK