MSK Ultrasound Course Online

I was listening to a podcast and heard a story about Muhammed Ali. I cannot vouch for the authenticity, but I like the principle. The tale describes an incident when Ali was flying on a commercial airliner. The flight attendants were giving passengers all the typical safety instructions which included fastening your seatbelt. After the process was completed, the flight attendant noticed Muhammed Ali had not fastened his seatbelt. She leaned over to him and said, “Mr. Ali, you need to fasten your seatbelt.” To which Ali replied, “Superman don’t need no seatbelt.” The flight attendant quickly responded, “Superman don’t need no airplane either! Now, buckle up!”

This story applies quite well when considering the value and necessity of diagnostic ultrasound in regenerative medicine. Ultrasound is your seatbelt. It is very important not to underestimate the value of ultrasound imaging or overstate the potential of regenerative medicine. I hope to encourage those who wish to become involved in regenerative medicine, and do it with excellence by reiterating two simple phrases MSK Masters continues to promote:

“Your injection is no better than your image.”
– Dr. Randy Moore, DC, RDMS, RMSK

MSK Masters has a proven simple and straightforward process to help those with the desire to be leaders in regenerative medicine to become proficient in MSK imaging and procedures.

“Cells do not migrate.”
– Dr. Randy Moore, DC, RDMS, RMSK

There are no shortcuts in regenerative medicine. The idea of a single intra-articular injection into the knee hoping that those cells will migrate to the medial collateral ligament is not rational.

MSK Masters is committed to helping physicians and facilities who wish to practice regenerative medicine do it with a standard of excellence. The field of regenerative medicine is “growing up”. Now is the time to develop the skill and expertise in ultrasound techniques that will give longevity to a regenerative medicine practice.

MSK Masters offers an online course called “Pathway to Certification” that teaches the foundational scanning skills for MSK Sonography protocols and techniques.

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