MSK Ultrasound Course Online

This past weekend, I had the privilege to present MSK Ultrasound to the North Carolina Ultrasound Society, the nation’s largest organization representing sonographers in a single state with over 300 sonographers attending. I was also dazzled by the venue, the Omni Grand Park Inn, located in Asheville, North Carolina. The picture below simply does not do it justice. The two 36-foot wide fireplaces in the lobby were hard to walk away from! One last treat this year before I get to MSK Ultrasound. . . . . . I observed a live time-trial of sheepdog herding. It was quite impressive! Remember the movie Charlotte’s Web?

One lecture I shared was titled, “Shoulder Sonography by the Numbers”. It is a focused and concise scan protocol providing a high diagnostic yield in 10 minutes or less – 5 images and 6 measurements. It readily provides imaging and quantification for the biceps tendon, supraspinatus/rotator cuff, sub-deltoid bursa and the AC Joint stability.

One thing that I found perplexing in chatting with the sonographers afterwards was the common assumption by doctors ordering MSK ultrasound in a hospital setting that they – the sonographers – had been trained in MSK. They had not! Watching a YouTube video right before bringing the patient into the scan lab seemed to be a common confession.

I am always impressed with the level of integrity and professionalism of sonographers, and this was once again displayed by their eagerness to be trained and certified.

Below is a short list of benefits from on-site training with MSK Masters.

1. The minimized/reduced loss of revenue when participants travel to workshops.
2. More staff can be trained without additional cost
3. Participants learn imaging and guided procedures on their “home turf” and on their own patients.
4. Cadaver labs are expensive and do NOT translate into useable, reproducible skills.
5. Ultrasound guided procedures are SAFE and efficient. MSK Masters teaches the “mechanics” of guided procedures!

MSK Masters offers Procedure Days. Dr. Moore provides the ultrasound system for imaging, diagnosis, and real-time guidance during treatment