MSK Ultrasound Course Online

In my 5 years of training doctors involved in the orthopedic applications of bio-cellular/regenerative medicine therapies utilizing musculoskeletal ultrasound, I have received comments relative to improved patient outcomes. Not only does real-time ultrasound provide accurate diagnosis and precise delivery of the bio-cellular product at target sites, it reveals the remodeling anatomy.

Serial studies performed at 8 week intervals can demonstrate the effective and positive response to the procedure. Below is a medial meniscus study at approximately 99 days pre- and post-treatment. Fibro cartilage is not highly vascular; however, the posterior horn and vascular watershed of the medial meniscus are typically imaged on MSK ultrasound, and it appears to respond well to accurate placement in the study below by demonstrating more fibro cartilage  substance and increased echo density.

It is also important to remember that the remodeling process can continue for up to six months.