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Supraspinatus Tendon Outcome with Biocellular Therapy

Standard of Care

There is an inseparable relationship of sonography in the musculoskeletal application of regenerative medicine.

Musculoskeletal sonography is the standard of care in regenerative medicine for diagnostic exam and guided injections.

Why Learn With MSK Masters?


Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine should ALWAYS include ultrasound.



A comprehensive, personalized, and targeted treatment. There is no “silver bullet”.



Clearly see and understand WHY your patient needs treatment by using a systematic/reproducible scan protocol.



Confidently expect an optimal outcome! Better results.

Course Never Expires

Your access to the course does not expire, even after having completed all the modules.

Superior Techniques and Protocols

Learn the method that provides the best remodeling response in the patient.

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MSK Masters offers two educational experiences: an online course and hands-on training. The online course is a pre-requisite for hands-on training.

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The Claim

The body inherently sustains a ready cellular population of adult cells capable of facilitating or perpetuating healing and regeneration.

The foundational premise of regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy in musculoskeletal medicine is tissue maintenance…healing…regeneration.

How it Works

Ultrasonography provides the real-time full spectrum display of inflammation, fibrosis, calcification, fiber failure and complete rupture of musculoskeletal anatomy.

This complete panoramic view of the current physiologic state provides the necessary pre-treatment imaging and diagnostic information for specific treatment site selection.

Raising the Bar

Real-time guidance and visualization during stem cell product placement removes the reliance on “the diffusion factor”.

Real-time guidance and visualization during stem cell product placement removes the reliance on “the diffusion factor”.

Ultrasound Guidance

The emerging practice of regenerative medicine requires the inclusion of MSK Sonography. Ultrasound imaging is the most accurate pre-treatment modality, and it has the unique capability of providing the most precise placement of the biocellular product.

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