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First textbook on Sonography gives Physicians Ability to Predict Joint Injection Outcomes

Optimal response to stem cell and bio-cellular therapy coincides with accurate diagnosis and targeted placement.

Joint injections using a patient’s own blood, fat and/or bone marrow are commonly being used to remodel the anatomy as an alternative to surgery. Until now, however, physicians were unable to accurately predict the outcome for patients. With the advent of ultrasound diagnosis before the injection and use of ultrasound guidance during the procedure, the doctor is able to more accurately diagnose the injury or degenerative problem and target the placement of the bio-cellular product to create the best outcome for the patient.

MSK Masters has released a unique manual and flashcards called “Sonography of the Extremities: Protocols and Techniques”, an invaluable resource, for the practicing physician and ultrasound staff. Author, Randy E. Moore, DC, RDMS, RMSK, remarks, “I call it the MSK ultrasound ‘cookbook’ because it is a step-by-step recipe to get through it (the procedure).”

South Piedmont Community College, the only MSK program in the nation, has adopted Moore’s book as its official curriculum. Ultrasound is easily used bedside, and the practice of using sonography as guidance for intraarticular injections is quickly becoming the standard of care for visualizing musculoskeletal anatomy. Dr. Randy Moore is dedicated to shortening the learning curve for medical practitioners and travels extensively to either train physicians in sonography techniques or to perform the guidance services for the physician at his office.

Clinical Instructor and Program Director at the Institute of Therapeutic Sciences, Deepak Sebastian, DPT, DO, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT, remarks, “Excellent manual and highly recommended for clinicians starting their venture into MSK sonography. The illustrations are well organized with systematic anatomy.”

For more information about Dr. Randy Moore, please see You may find the textbook and flashcards on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.