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The title of this blog is a song title originally written by an Australian country singer in 1959, and made popular in the USA in 1996 by Johnny Cash.

I recently took on a 21 day itinerary that took me to New York City…Montana…Dublin, Ireland… Dusseldorf, Germany… Los Angeles…, and San Diego.. I can relate to the song ! In case anyone is interested, here is a YouTube link…

During those 21 days, I taught an upper extremity scan protocol class to physiotherapists, assisted in ultrasound guided biocellular “stem cell” procedures, acquired images for a study to compare pediatric joints of hemophilic and non-hemophilic children, and taught the J.A.D.E. protocol (joint activity and damage exam) to hemophilic physicians. Oh, and graded images for the only curriculum-based MSK program for sonographers in the USA.

As diverse as that may sound, the same basic principles of performing MSK ultrasound applied to every venue! My work within regenerative medicine is expanding because more physicians are realizing the reality of “your injection is no better than your image”, and cells “do not migrate”. Physiotherapists are grabbing hold of MSK because they see the direct correlation to rehab response and program development. Sonographers are rising to meet the need of MSK done well in the hospital setting.

I cannot overemphasize the critical value of learning a standardized image acquisition sequence coupled with a reliable interpretation algorithm.

MSK Masters is the most comprehensive… understandable… affordable road to certification in MSK on the market.

To quote another “master”…

“first… master the basics”

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Randy E. Moore, DC, RDMS, RMSK