MSK Ultrasound Course Online

In the opening lecture of my musculoskeletal sonography classes, I cover the fundamentals of MSK Sonography and the all-important normal sono-anatomy. One of the statements that I find myself repeating is that MSK Sonography has made its presence known in every field of medicine. That is no exaggeration!

The material today does not completely fall under the heading of “bio-cellular”; however, there is a growing desire and need in the United States and around the world for physical therapists to use dry needling. Below is simply a transcription of an email of a good friend who is a doctor of physical therapy. He has recently begun to utilize MSK Sonography in his practice.

“Yesterday I used the ultrasound to needle the common flexor tendon on the same lady that I did the common extensor. What is very interesting is that when I needled the common extensor insertion, (you might remember) I was a bit too distal.  (I sent you all the images.)

She came in yesterday. I had not seen her for over 2 weeks. The first thing that she said was “That needling that you did with the ultrasound worked . . . Virtually pain free since!”  I had needled WHAT I THOUGHT was the extensor tendon and associated anatomy many times in the past with no benefit. She asked if I could needle the medial side this time as it had been problematic. This was challenging as I had to hold the probe with the right hand and guide the needle with my left hand.”

Good stuff!