MSK Ultrasound Course Online

This past weekend, I spent three days teaching MSK Ultrsaound in New York City. On Friday and Saturday I presented lower extremity procedures to doctors of physical therapy at the Hands-On Seminar workshop in Astoria. On Sunday, I presented shoulder and lumbar spine scanning protocols to the International Society of Regenerative Medicine.

I also had my right patellar tendon injected with PRP. The advanced tendinosis that I have came as a result of training and completing a 60 mile run on my 60th birthday. Perhaps not the most wise choice to make at that age, but it is still a very fond memory for my family and me.

I have posted a picture of normal and abnormal patellar tendons. Please stay tuned as we do follow up images at four (4) week intervals. Remember, in previous blogs, that I have said, “Your injection is no better than your image” and “A picture is worth a 1000 words.” In Regenerative medicine, the serial studies become invaluable.