MSK Masters curriculum presents the material in a straightforward and understandable fashion that allows newcomers to MSK to perform these protocols with confidence.



From Novice to Certification


Randy Moore, DC, RDMS, RMSK

MSK Masters Presents

MSK Ultrasound Curriculum for Sonographers

This offering is for the development of an MSK certificate program within established accredited sonography programs. MSK Masters offers the complete material to learn foundational scanning skills and the review for the RMSKS and RMSK Registry Review examination(s).

A full curriculum template is made available to program directors to facilitate structuring a program specific to the goals of the institution.

Benefits are:

  • A complete and comprehensive certificate-preparation program (may be owned by institutions*) that exposes the sonography student and/or graduate of an accredited program to the broad spectrum of MSK over the period of one semester or via an online course.
  • An opportunity to study and become familiar with musculoskeletal anatomy. This is critically important to understanding and performing MSK protocols.
  • Includes scanning demonstrations in split screen format so as to understand techniques and protocols while seeing scanning results on the ultrasound screen.
  • A “hybrid” class. The material is presented online via video and reading assignments. Lab assignments for image assessment and grading may be done in the institution’s lab and/or under supervision in the sonographer’s workplace.
  • On-Campus Scanning Workshops

2-day on-campus scanning workshops with Dr. Randy E. Moore

       One Workshop: Upper Extremity
       One workshop: Lower Extremity

RMSKS Registry Review

The RMSKS Registry review is a complete recorded lecture series reinforcing anatomy, sonoanatomy, scan technique, pathology and guided injection parameters per ARDMS test content and AIUM guidelines. Includes handouts.

On Campus RMSKS reviews are available.

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MSK Masters Curriculum

Upper Extremity

• Imaging Fundamentals/Normal Sonoanatomy
• Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist/Hand
• Upper Extremity Pathology
• Ultrasound Guided injections
• Downloadable handouts

Lower Extremity

•• Imaging Fundamentals/Normal Sonoanatomy
• Hip, Knee, Foot/Ankle, Lumbar Spine and Sacro-Iliac Joints
• Lower Extremity Pathology
• Ultrasound Guided Injections
• Downloadable handouts

RMSK Registry Review Material

A complete and comprehensive presentation of information presented on the ARDMS, RMSKS and RMSK examinations. A concise presentation of MSK anatomy and sonoanatomy for the sonographer. Scanning protocols are reviewed with clear presentation of pathology, terminology,and pitfalls.

All material presented is a direct response to ARDMS test content outline.

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MSK Masters Study Aide


Diagnostic Ultrasound Schools may purchase MSK Masters Curriculum “Novice to Certification” at a reduced rate when using “Sonography of the Extremities” as one of the required texts for the course.

  • DVD Lectures
  • Digital Downloadable Lecture Handouts
  • RMSK Registry Review Lectures (available this summer)
  • “Sonography of the Extremities: Techniques and Protocols” Text – One copy

Sonography Textbook

Spiral-bound Manual




The Musculoskeletal Sonography curriculum provides sonographers the didactic and clinical experience necessary to perform entry level musculoskeletal (MSK) sonography.

Graduates may be eligible to apply to the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) for national registry in Musculoskeletal Sonography. Graduates may find employment in clinics, hospitals, physicians’ offices, mobile services, and educational institutions.

Excellent manual and highly recommended for clinicians starting their venture into MSK sonography. The illustrations are well organized with systematic anatomy. Sonographic images are well delineated, highlighting anatomy for easy interpretation. This manual has served as a very valuable resource, making my initial venture into MSK sonography, relatively easier. 5 STARS!

– Deepak Sebastian DPT, DO, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT
Clinical Instructor and Program Director
Institute of Therapeutic Sciences
Residency and Fellowship


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