MSK Ultrasound Course Online

10,000 HOURS

Malcolm Gladwell is attributed with stating that it takes 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” to become expert in any given field in life. Instead of investing 10,000 hours, you can “shorten your learning curve” to use MSK sonography in regenerative medicine!

MSK Masters created a 3-step method to learn MSK sonography that requires practice and study, but not 10,000 hours! Because of my passion to involve musculoskeletal ultrasound for the deployment of bio-cellular products within the field of regenerative medicine, I want to help others learn this modality. What we continue to see time and time again is that once people are given access to concise foundational material to learn musculoskeletal sonography, their level of “expertise” is elevated almost immediately.

I would like to reiterate a statement which I firmly believe, which is… “Your injection is no better than your image”. It is difficult to come up with new things to say with regard to the inclusion of musculoskeletal sonography in regenerative medicine, but the correlation of optimal patient outcomes with accurate diagnosis and specific probe and injection placement is both obvious and clinically sound.

The MSK Masters curriculum is approximately 30+ hours of clear, concise material which provides the all-important foundation to perform the imaging and, thus, provide the best deployment of ANY bio-cellular product. It matters not if it is adipose derived, bone marrow, or the other products available today.

Regenerative medicine is in its early stages of development. The sooner any practice or practitioner includes musculoskeletal sonography for each and every injection of a bio-cellular product, the sooner that individual or practice will obtain the level of “10,000 hours-like” expertise.

–Randy Moore, DC, RDMS, RMSK